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17th August 2019 
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Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling and Psychotherapy 07958 797165

Is therapy difficult?
Therapy is all about you. It can be challenging to talk about yourself as people who decide to have therapy have often not had this chance. The more you practice talking in a more beneficial way, the easier it becomes. The first challenge is acknowledging to yourself that you need and deserve therapy. Email me here

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Most people would have no problem seeking professional help for a broken bone, but would be less likely to look for help when they have an emotional problem.

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How long will I need counselling or therapy for?
This varies and is up to you. I would recommend at least 4 sessions to start with to explore all the basics tools that you need to help yourself with your emotions so that you can continue to 'self- therapy' without a therapist. Some people like to look at themselves deeply and decide on therapy for several months. It is important for us together to always check that you are growing emotionally whilst in therapy. The importance of a therapist is to teach you how to allow your natural growth. The therapist is just a catalyst to foster your independence and then interdependence so that you can live life to it's full potential.

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Will therapy help me?
I have a belief that therapy can help anyone. Of course the match between the therapist and the client is very important. After the first session we will decide together if we feel that a working relationship can be established.

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