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17th August 2019 

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About Counselling and Attachment Based Therapy
Counselling and Therapy has been around for years. There are many different types of therapeutic intervention. I am a qualified attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapist. This type of therapy focuses on the attachments between people. The first attachments that anyone makes has a profound effect on future relationships. Click here to email me

About Counselling. WestBeach

What Conditions Can it Help?
Issues from Previous Abuse and Neglect
Relationship Problems

About Counselling. teenface30

What Benefits can be Expected?
Therapy helps you to reach your full potential in life. It is empowering and helps people to find their voice after years of being silenced. It also helps people to find peace of mind.

Skype sessions confidential and convenient call 07958797165 or Click here to email me